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What is Unikatschmuck

These pages show a small collection of the various pieces of jewellery done by me and some background information on myself. All pieces are unique - that means they were handcrafted by me in my own studio. The designs are either my own ideas or were developed together with the respective customer.

You will not find anything here which has been mass-produced. For me, every piece of jewellery shall be unique and fit the person who will wear it. If you have a vision of a piece but never found it up to now, I would be happy to design and manufacture that special piece of jewellery for you. You may also own some jewellery you do not wear anymore but which still means something to you; it is often possible to either rework such jewellery or integrate them into a new piece.

This philosophy becomes especially apparent for wedding bands. Though I always have some ready-made rings available, most designs are worked out in a personal dialog with the bridal couple. This allows me to manufacture a pair of rings which is exactly at customer's option - without the compromises you often have to agree to when buying ready-made rings. Like every relationship is inimitable, the jewellery representing this relationship shall be unique as well.

Of course you may buy your wife a piece of jewellery for your wedding day from a well-known jewellery store - but usually you have to pick from existing pieces, or even from a printed catalog only. By contrast, I can provide you a piece made to your specifications. If you do not have specific ideas yet, I am also happy to assist you and to design something for you.

One of my specialties is jewellery made from Mokume Gane. This is an ancient japanese technology and translates to „wood-grained metal“. Since this needs very profound artistic and technical knowledge, only a few goldsmiths still practice this technique today.

I hope that I sparked your interest. Browse around on my pages, have a look at the different pieces and contact me if you have any questions. I would be happy to design and manufacture a really personal piece of jewellery for you.

Charlotte Edtmayer-Scheibe
Master Craftswoman, Gold- and Silversmith